Doh Magic: Educational, Developmental and Theraputic Benefits


Doh Magic® is an excellent tool for learning and developing under the disguise of play and having fun.   

Unlike any other commercially available dough, Doh Magic® is an excellent tool for helping develop a child’s self esteem The difference is in the process: being hands on and involved in the pouring, mixing and making develops strong feelings of success and being clever. 

These `feel good' feelings help boost a child's self esteem and in turn build resilience that help children cope with everyday life.

The importance and value Doh Magic has as a developmental, educational and therapy tool cannot be underestimated.  The key benefits are listed below.


Fine motor skills – Playing with Doh Magic is one of the best ways to prepare your child for school.  Doh Magic is beautifully soft and pliable, great for little fingers to develop fine motor skills.  Muscles are developed as they maniputlate and play with the dough – important for letter writing, tying shoe laces and buttoning clothes.


Creativity and Imagination Just as important as learning letters and numbers.  Creating with dough helps exercise creativity and imagination – important for deepening thinking, decision making and problem solving  –  skills needed at school and life in general. Click here so see our FREE tools that help foster creativity and imagination.


Eye – hand coordination as children poke, squeeze, pat, cut, and squish - their eyes are busy guiding their hands in movement.  Children observe the consequences to their actions, and in doing so, make and strengthen neuron connections in the brain. These skills are also foundational to letter writing and later ball hitting and catching.


Longer Attention spans Young children quickly loose interest.  Doh Magic is a great tool and activity that captivates and keeps children playing for longer periods of time helping to stretch attention spans.


General Learning Play with Doh Magic and help reinforce learning – colours, shapes, numeracy and literacy – for example: which one is yellow? Or pass me the yellow square / 5 green balls, number and letter outlines etc.  Introducing words like big, small, flat, bumpy, cut, mould etc.  Click here to see our FREE tools that support learning in a fun and positive way.


Maths – Counting, units of measurement.


Science– Observe changes in texture from the dry mix to the wet, following procedure, what happens when heat is applied?


Arts- Turning primary colours into secondary colours. Click here to go to our great Clowning with Colours activity sheet.


Social interaction Children can practise asking for needs, sharing materials and turn taking.  It also allows a chance to share their ideas and play imaginatively together.


Emotional Development Playing with Doh Magic is calming and soothing.  Doh Magic helps encourage independent play - add lavender oil for extra boost of calm!  Used as a therapy tool it can also help to release and express emotion - use our free blank face template.  


Therapy Tool – The pliable nature and safety features of Doh Magic® make it an ideal Therapy adjunct in the treatment of  both  developmental and acquired disorders.


In children born with a developmental disorder or delay, tactile defensiveness towards “messy” play can often be an obstacle towards these children acquiring age – appropriate fine motor skills. Doh Magic is not messy, does not stick to fingers, has no odour and its soft, silky texture will respond to the most tentative exploration by little fingers. 

Children who experience a low smell (olfactory) awareness can have oils added (at a drop at a time)  such as lavender, eucalyptus , tea tree and vanilla. Adding rice, glitter, sand, beans, edible seeds provides tactile stimulation.

It is particularly beneficial in encouraging dissociated finger movement.


The minimal resistance offered by Doh Magic makes it an ideal medium wherever improvement of fine motor function is the goal.   It is therefore a useful rehabilitation tool for specialists in hand therapy, in post-stroke management, as well as being a multi-sensorial stimulus in those conditions where cognitive deficits limit a therapist’s choice of media for table-top activities.


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