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Get Creative

Add a drop of calming lavender oil, or vanilla to your dough and knead in.

Add glitter, or even uncooked rice; children love the different texture and added sparkle.

Use around the house materials such as straws, sticks, pencils, seeds.  Anything with a textured surface to leave a pattern – eg leaf, edge of a milk bottle, rocks or coins.

What can I do if it dries out or starts to stick to utensils?

Doh Magic is long lasting and very slow to dry out.  If in the event it does dry out or starts to stick to utensils, place a drop of oil on hands; rub hands together, and then knead/ massage dough. Repeat if necessary.  Sticky rolling pin or cutting utensils – lightly oil paper towel and wipe over utensil.  It’s OK to use any type of cooking oil while making or restoring.


What if my child eats it?

Doh magic uses ONLY food ingredients and NATURAL preservatives and is therefore technically safe to eat - however having said that, the product is not made for eating, nor do we encourage you to eat it.    Our ORIGINAL recipe contains wheat flour.  Our GLUTEN FREE recipe is a blend of Rice, Corn and Soy ingredients. 

If your child has been known to eat dough we recommend that you hold off on adding other items like essential oils and glitter as these should not be swallowed.    

Which method is the best - stove top / microwave / no cook?

For the GLUTEN FREE recipe we recommend the no cook method.

For the ORIGINAL recipe we we recommend the stove top method for a great quality dough. The stove top method produces a beautifully soft and pliable dough.  This method typically takes under 5 mins to make up.

If its ease and convenience you are after, then you can’t go past the microwave method also producing a great quality dough.  The microwave recipe will be ready in approximately 1.5 mins.  

If you want the whole tactile experience and no heat from the stove or microwave, then the no cook method is for you.  Great activity for children, however the heat methods produce longer lasting shop quality dough. 

TIP: You can enjoy the tactile experience and still get a good quality dough by adding only half of the required water for the stove top and microwave and let them have a mix with their hands.  Then when done add the remaining of the water and continue the recipe as normal.

When can my child start to play with Doh Magic?

There is no hard an fast rule.  In most cases it is OK from about 18 months when the strong desire to put everything in their mouth has died down.  

Oops kids at play - and now you have dough in the carpet!

So how do you get rid of it?  The best thing you can do is to let it dry out and then scratch it out.  If there is still some left, use soap and tap water, then aim an ultra-violate light on it and the stain will lift (a Shannon Lush tip). Don’t use hot water or cleaning solutions.

How much does one Doh Magic packet make up?

Original recipe: each 250g pack makes up to 425g or 3 x 5 oz modeling compound cans.

Gluten Free recipe:  each 150g pack makes approximately 200g or 7 oz.

Can I use my good cooking pots / utensils?

You certainly can!  Everything soaks and rinses clean.

What type of oil do you add?

Any type of cooking oil is fine.

How do I store Doh Magic?

Reuse your resealable Doh Magic bag to store your dough. Doh Magic can be stored in a cupboard or in the fridge.  If the dough is kept clean, it will last multiple months in either the cupboard or the fridge.

How long will it last?

Original recipe:  Kept clean and free from contamination Doh Magic will last for over 6 months in an air tight bag at room temperature or in the fridge.

Gluten Free recipe: Kept clean and free from contamination Doh Magic will last for approximately 1 month in an air tight bag at room temperature. 

Should either dough harden or dry out: easily restore by making a well in the centre of the dough and placing a drop of oil and water.  Knead and repeat until desired texture and firmness.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We gladly accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, or regular account payments all through PayPal.

How secure is this store?

This store uses PayPal for payments, and PayPal automatically encrypts your confidential information in transit from your computer to ours using the Secure Sockets Layer protocol (SSL) with an encryption key length of 128-bits (the highest level commercially available).

Do I need a PayPal account to purchase from this store?

No, if you are paying by credit card you are not required to have a PayPal account to purchase from this store. Although if you already have a PayPal account you may use it.

Can I pay without a credit card?

Yes, if you don't have a credit card, or would prefer not to use it, you can link a bank account to your Paypal account and pay using Direct Bank Transfer.

Can I still place an order without a credit card or Paypal account?

Yes, we will also accept a direct bank deposit.  You will need to contact us directly to pay this way. Orders will be sent out until payment has been received in full.

How prompt is your delivery?

All orders are sent between 1 & 4 business days after payment has been received. Our orders are sent via Express Post or a Courier service, this ensures that your order arrives as promptly as possible and we are able to track your order until it arrives.

What are your shipping charges?

Purchases of $36 or more are FREE. Otherwise we use a flat rate of $10 Australia wide.  For orders outside Australia, please contact us for shipping prices.

What is your refund policy?

At Doh Magic we value customer satisfaction. If for some reason you are not happy with our product please notify us in writing via email.    Please be sure to provide your full name contact details, when you bought the product, product ID and the nature of your concern. If your goods have been damaged in transit we will arrange a replacement order once the original order has been sent back to us. You will not be reimbursed the postal/courier charge for returning damaged goods.

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Watch this fun Sesame Street video and learn about making new colours from primary colours.

Start with pea size amounts - it's easier for little fingers.

Once you have done the main colours, try these:

Orange = Yellow (x2) + Red (x1)

Brown  = Green (x2) + Red (x1)   

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